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Have a question? Want to know a bit more about me or my coaching services?

To help you get your answers quickly, I’ve compiled a list of some of the

most popular questions I’ve received from clients, accompanied by thorough answers.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to assist you.

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Absolutely! I encourage anyone who is interested in getting started to book a FREE initial consultation to discuss what you are looking for and how we can work together to get you where you want to be

Why do I need coaching?

Everyone has different reasons they seek out coaching. Just like with any other skill in life we can always benefit from new knowledge and supportive guidance. Mainly people who seek out coaching have a gap in between what they want and where they currently are. Some reasons someone may seek coaching are: goal setting, parenting, communication, creating stronger relationships, feeling lost and without any purpose, needing guidance on how to take their goals to the next level, learning basic life skills, the list is endless!

How long does it take?

There is no magic number of sessions or hours that will complete your coaching sessions, this is completely up to you. Sessions are typically one hour long, weekly to get started. As you progress through your plan you may opt to meet less frequently or stay at the same weekly commitment. The flexibility of coaching with NGLB is that you will be able to determine what time frame you want to work on. 

How is Coaching different than therapy? Consulting? My best friend?

Although many people use these terms interchangeably there are a few big differences:


Therapy is performed by licensed professionals or those supervised by licensed professional and will focus mainly on psychological concerns, mental health or other specifically focused problems. Although I do work as a therapist separately from my practice my coaching is very different. Coaching does not require a problem to solve, diagnostics or insurance. Coaching will also not solve all of your past life trauma. If you have a traumatic past that greatly interferes with your daily functioning please seek out a therapist who specializes in your mental health needs.  Coaching will provide new skill sets and solutions when you are ready to make the positive changes away from the behaviors and patterns that no longer suite you.

Consulting is typically a very specialized short term intervention focused on a specific problem. A business may seek a fundraising  or sales consultant to increase their profit. A restaurant may seek a marketing consultant to revise their branding. Typically consultants will make a plan for you and leave you to implement it. 

Your best friend is a great person to bounce ideas off of and vent with. Many times it is difficult to get helpful and unbias feedback from a close friend because A) they love you and want you to be happy B) they think you can do no wrong and C) they don't know any better than you do! A good coach will never be afraid to tell you the truth, even if that truth makes you fire them. I am here to help, and I can only do that if I am always open and honest with you. 

I am a part of the sex work /Poly /Swinger /LGBTQIA+ community, is this safe for me?

I take my name very seriously and created this practice with all types of differences in mind. I wanted to ensure that no matter how you live your life, you have a place here.  Within my programs you can feel safe knowing that you are valid and accepted NO MATTER WHAT! I work with folks from all types of backgrounds and I would love to become a part of your success story as well!

We are also listed with the National Coalitions for Sexual Freedom database for Kink, Poly, Swing Aware professionals at

As well as with Poly friendly professionals at:

What about Confidentiality?

Our sessions are 100% confidential. Its kind of like Vegas- What happens in coaching, stays in coaching. 

If you chose to have someone else participate in a coaching session with you we will discuss what that will look like and what parameters you feel comfortable with. For partnership, family or group sessions all individuals involved will need to sign a release to participate. 

How much will it cost?

Coaching is a self investment and you are worth it!  All session prices are listed HERE I want to ensure we can find something that can work for you and I do offer reduced rates for clients who qualify. There will also be discounts when booking multiple sessions at a time

Insurance providers do not cover coaching costs so we accept: PayPal, Venmo, CashApp in addition to cash

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